To holiday or not to holiday?

The  majority of the people I know all love to go on holiday and I just don’t understand it. Don’t get me wrong the thought of going away seems nice but the part where you actually have to leave your home to get to the destination is just off putting for me. The luggage; airport control; the plane; the safety presentation; the different scenery; the different weather and by the time the plane has landed  – I’m ready to go back home.

 When I do go away, I pack my suitcase weeks before we leave. The packing cubes come out, I make lists and even look on Pintrest to see if I’m missing anything. If I had to choose my favourite part about holidays it would be packing part. I’m just great at it. 

Arriving at the airport makes me wish I had a shell so I could crawl back inside of it. The airport reminds me a lot of the first secondary school I went to because it’s busy. It’s one big building with all the stuff I truly hate inside it. 

  • Little kids running around with their Trunki suitcase knocking people’s ankles  
  • Last boarding call announcements being blasted through the tannoys
  • Waiting in the queues that never seem to move forward 
  • Standing in a claustrophobic machine with your hands above your head
  • Having a full on pat down and on top of that there’s the detector thing
  • Planes being delayed for hours on end
  • Intrusive thoughts when you’re walking through the tunnel to the plane
  • Flight attendants that look as if they have a hanger in their mouth because they’ve smiling too long 
  • Hot chocolate being thrown in the air because of turbulence                     

At this point it’s just all getting a bit too much.

I’m not even the biggest fan of staying in a hotel unless it’s within 1hour of my home. Me being me, I’m obviously thinking of the worst possible scenarios to happen whilst I’m staying away from home. Another list…

* When I’d like to get back into my hotel room why does my keycard to the room stop working? I have to walk down to reception and request for another one. 

* The duvet that isn’t really a duvet; it’s practically a see-through tablecloth that I have to wrap myself in. 

* Tiny samples of shampoo and conditioner. 

* Overpowering smell form the fruity air freshener.

* When you think there is a burglar knocking on your door but its only kids playing knock and run (the worst game). To be fair I don’t think burglars would knock. 

Staying at places that I’m not familiar with can be very upsetting for me. I’m grateful to be able to say that my home is a place where I’m most comfortable and a place where I feel the safest. Being away is difficult for me because I’m outside my comfort zone and in a different routine. Whether that’s the time difference or just a different set up to what I normally do. Returning back home is difficult as well because I have to get back into the swing of things.

 I know I won’t be getting to the airport or boarding an aeroplane anytime soon, but if I decide to in the very, very far future I know I’ll be ready. 

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