Information leaflet.

When meeting new teachers for the first time, I always find it quite challenging. To me they’re complete strangers; they know nothing about me; they haven’t been there since day one and overall it’s overwhelming. 

To avoid all that stress, I have now written an information leaflet which I give to someone prior to any teaching. When the idea was first suggested. I thought it sounded ridiculous but after sometime I came around. 

It has actually been quite successful for me and my teachers and has taken the edge of any new encounter. I am happy that I’ve created one. 

This is an idea of what I included: 

  1. Don’t talk about exams.
  2. Don’t talk about GCSES.
  3. Don’t speak to fast.
  4. Don’t use ‘figures of speech’.
  5. Don’t switch topics quickly.
  6. Don’t ask me about homeschool.
  7. Don’t shout at me.
  8. Don’t make sudden changes to the schedule.
  9. Don’t question if I have ADHD or ASD.
  10. Don’t give me to much information to process.
  11. Don’t tell me ‘it’s okay’ in a messy situation ( it wont help). 
  12. Don’t be disorganised.
  13. Don’t make unexpected actions.

All these things that I’ve written down are things that make me feel uncomfortable there are a load more. 

That’s why the information leaflet has been really important to me. I’ve learned that when I meet potential new teachers I put them ‘on probation’ from the first time I meet them, without them realising it.  By providing the leaflet, I am helping them get to know me and giving them more of a chance. It’s also helping me as I find it difficult being around new people and it takes me time to get used to them. 

In the end it all works out okay, like it usually does. 

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