Everyone listen up

( poem)

         You want me to hide in my shadow.
        Blend in with the rest. 
              I will do nothing of the kind. 
           For I am my own individual.
            I was not made like the rest.
       I will not mask as you plead
           You want me to play your silly little game.
        Well you are such a fool I see.

             You  want to take my voice and keep it captive.
           Attempt to keep me in my lane.
          But I will zig zag all over the place.
             If that’s what it takes for you to listen to what I have to say.
           I will not stand around waiting for your approval.
            I am who I am and I shall stay. 

               My uniqueness is apart of me.
               I will not let you snatch it from me.
                Forevermore clutching it with all might.
             You’ve begged me to stay hidden.
              But now I’m letting myself step into the light.
             And for that cause do not try and stop me.

          Accept me for who I am.
             Because finally I have.
             I will no longer hide in my shadow.
                 My shadow will fall behind me.
             I am me.
                  And that's there all is to see. 

Written by Romy Bea Gordon

1 Comment

  1. Michael Kramar says:

    Dear Romy, This is truly beautiful! You have clearly expressed your identity and have no reason to try and hide it. Every human being is unique and has their own individualised role in life-I wish you continued success and fulfilment in your life!

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