Food textures.

The majority of things have a type of texture.  – smooth, bumpy, hairy, you get the picture. Some textures look appealing and some don’t. Food is very texture based and in addition to food having an appearance, I think they have a personality to go along with it. Some foods are more friendly or inviting than others. This is connected to their look , smell, touch, and most importantly taste. Some people can’t even put a particular food past their lips because it’s not a ‘safe’ food. 

It can be uncomfortable and nerve wracking situation having to try food that you think is a ‘threat’. It’s not that the person is being difficult it is just who they are and how they’re brain works. I am also aware that in the main, food is pleasurable, a treat something to be savoured and looked forward to.

 Food can be a big sensory overload which is a positive thing for some but not for others. For the majority of people this is an odd concept, they see tasting new foods as a welcome change. Even plain eaters may not have the experiential challenges that I am talking about when faced with a new menu.

What exactly are safe foods? A safe food brings joy, comfort and security. Not so as to say a ‘relationship’ but a strong connection with that specific food that doesn’t make you mentally crammed inside. 

My safe food is, Heinz Spaghetti Peppa Pig shapes. The smell, texture and appearance is always the same, comforting, ‘bland’ flavour. For me, that’s a good thing and as far as I’m aware, the recipe never changes and that make me happy. Twists in food recipes make me feel discombobulated. The spaghetti shapes are there for me to turn to if I’m not comfortable trying something new or eating something highly flavoured that has been cooked for me.

You don’t have to eat something that you are uncomfortable with consuming. You aren’t a rude person, you just have your own types of foods which you enjoy. There is nothing wrong with that.  Accept that people have their own preferences with food and move on. Not everyone wants fo ‘try’ something new.

I strongly believe that safe foods are beneficial. Try not to feel peculiar if you feel like this. Everyone has their own thing and if it works for you, then that’s great.  

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