Has your diagnosis helped you or freaked you out?

At the age of thirteen I was diagnosed with ADHD ( Attention, Deficit, Hyperactivity, Disorder) and ASD ( Autism Spectrum Disorder ). In April 2021 I was diagnosed with ADHD, this was after a particular difficult time in my life. I was struggling with my mental health and I had a lot of issues around…More

Food textures.

The majority of things have a type of texture.  – smooth, bumpy, hairy, you get the picture. Some textures look appealing and some don’t. Food is very texture based and in addition to food having an appearance, I think they have a personality to go along with it. Some foods are more friendly or inviting…More

Everyone listen up

( poem) You want me to hide in my shadow. Blend in with the rest. I will do nothing of the kind. For I am my own individual. I was not made like the rest. I will not mask as you plead You want me to play your silly little game. Well you are such…More


Self-doubt is something that every human being on the planet feels at some point in their lifetime. I truly believe you can’t go through life without feeling doubtful of your own self at some point. Whether that’s truly being yourself, not trusting decisions that you’ve made or comparing yourself to other people. If there were…More

My Experience With AntiDepressants.

Many people who have been diagnosed with autism or ADHD experience high levels of anxiety. Anybody who has experienced anxiety knows it’s a very difficult thing to cope with. It can sometimes become so unmanageable that it stops a person from completing day to day activities. When I feel my anxiety building it presents in…More

Information leaflet.

When meeting new teachers for the first time, I always find it quite challenging. To me they’re complete strangers; they know nothing about me; they haven’t been there since day one and overall it’s overwhelming.  To avoid all that stress, I have now written an information leaflet which I give to someone prior to any…More


When my teacher told me that ‘fear’ was actually a mnemonic and broke it down for me, it summed up exactly what is going on inside my head for much of the time.  F.E.A.R really does stand for False Evidence Appearing Real. My mind runs with all possible scenarios that could potentially happen but most…More

Anxious  and confused feelings. What this feels like to me. 

I know when I’m feeling anxious. Sometimes I have feelings I can’t identify. I think this part of having ASD. The worst feeling that I’ve ever experienced is feeling alone. Isolated from reality and what is going on around me. I sometimes feel like I’m a prisoner of my own mind and the only person…More

To holiday or not to holiday?

The  majority of the people I know all love to go on holiday and I just don’t understand it. Don’t get me wrong the thought of going away seems nice but the part where you actually have to leave your home to get to the destination is just off putting for me. The luggage; airport…More

What is stimming?

Stimming or ‘self-stimulation’ refers to behaviour that occurs repeatedly; they may be body movements or sounds. Examples include rocking, flapping hands, cracking knuckles, or tapping fingers. Stimming is often associated with people who have Autism and/or ADHD. It’s used as a coping mechanism to distract the person from things that are going on around them. …More