Early signs of ADHD traits that we missed.

When  I received my diagnosis for ADHD it felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders; a weight I had been struggling to carry for 13 years.  When I was in year eight and was diagnosed with ADHD, my pastoral officer did try and explain the struggles I experienced with ADHD, to my…More

Early signs of Autistic traits that we missed.

After the meeting that took place with CAMHS, my parents and I realised how many autistic traits we’d missed. Although, I did ‘mask’ as a child there were hints to tell us that I had autism. My Parents just saw me for who I was and didn’t think there was anything underlying. At the time,…More

Things that I do, when I’m nervous. 

I couldn’t possibly tell you where my fake accent comes from or when it started. It comes out when I’m nervous, usually when I’m speaking to somebody new for the first time.  The more nervous I get the more pronounced it becomes. The voice sounds like of got something stuck in my throat. I think…More

My impulsivity.

I’m sure everyone has experienced an impulsive moment, whether that’s writing an angry email to buying something they didn’t really want or need. These are some of my impulsive moments. I bought a 8ft teddy bear, that I had to have; a friend and I have painted a room (and most of ourselves) with oil-based…More

Sleep and the lack of it.

My brain will never give me a break. I wish I could just say, “time out, that’s enough” but that’s not really possible; is it? It’s as if my brain is a dump, none stop thoughts, queries and worries flowing through my head getting piled up as they go along, eventually overflowing. This happens on…More

Public Transport and Me.

Travelling on public transport for me was never easy in fact it was full of fear. It was full of different emotions that I would squash back down into a tiny box where I thought they belonged. I never told anyone I was afraid of public transport; it was my secret that I was ashamed…More

Strategies I like to use when I feel like I’m about to explode!

The strategies that I have recommended aren’t going change how you’re feeling immediately however they will hopefully distract you in a positive way. Some strategies work better for some than others. Don’t stop looking for the one that works best for you, it may take some time and it may not be on my list.…More

What’s it like being a student in my teacher’s home?

When I started homeschooling my perception of education and schooling changed for the better. I was able to work with the curriculum that was given to me and complete work independently at home. Prior to this I had never ever been able to do my work without my mum sitting by my side. At school,…More

Survival kit .

Going out into the world is scary. My favourite place to be is inside my house; it’s where I feel the safest and away from everything that makes me feel uncomfortable. I like being in my house so I don’t have to deal with anything. However, there are times when I know that must go…More

How to respond to someone who receives an ADHD or ASD diagnosis.

When someone receives a diagnosis it can become really overwhelming and scary for them. They have finally been given an explanation for why they may behave and feel a certain way and that’s a really big deal. When you care about someone you want them to feel accepted and loved unconditionally. A diagnosis can also…More